How Aliyah Fleas It

It’s a crochet sweatshop!

Although I have been interning with the wonderful Davis Flea Market for a while now, the January (Birthday) Flea was my first time as a vendor! Not only did I make some mullah, it was one of my favorite Sundays ever! The sun was out, the music was jamming and the flea-flockers were treasure hunting. After years of crocheting like a maniac (I first learned the art in my middle school cafeteria), I finally got to sell my work! It was exciting to see happy customers with their new crocheted ear warmers, beanies and headbands. I’ve been stocking up on these crocheted goodies for a while now and the impressive amount of merchandise prompted jokes about me secretly running a crochet sweatshop. I even had a mini thrift shop! What you know about rockin’ a wolf on your noggin?!

After a year of flea, the market is only getting better. I’m thrilled I could ring in a new year with the Davis Flea Market. You’ll know where to find me on February 24th. See you there!

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