Illustrations: Gregory Shilling

Gregory Shilling is a 16 year old artist living in Davis California.  He has been drawing and painting since before he could walk.  He has since learned to walk, and has become an accomplished illustrator, graphic designer, and painter, well known in the community. Gregory enjoys combining the real with the surreal, and his art is equal parts deft observation and flights of imagination.  His work is posted on facebook and he is always available for commissions. You can contact him by email: gregoryshilling-goins@hotmail.com or by phone: (530) 919-8916


Photo: Emily Barry

Emily Barry never sits still. If she isn’t busy slapping paint on canvas, she’s traveling the world, snapping photos like this one of a lock bridge in Paris.  She’s known for saying “Ride that carousel” and “Barry be cool,” and her paintings and photography are joyful and conscious and lush. You can contact her for purchasing pieces, commissions, or just for an interesting conversation at emilymardelbarry@gmail.com.


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